The ASLP Committee would like to thank all those who have submitted their abstracts in ASLP 2018. After going through a number of considerations, ASLP Committee has selected 21 abstracts submitted for presentation in ASLP 2018 held at the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia. See you in Depok, Indonesia.

Name Title
1 Titiek Kartika,  Sulistyowati Irianto Why Women Are Engaged in Movement Against State Mining Policies
2 Deepika M G, Kamana Tanya, Guru Vamshikrishna Analysing Crime beyond Legality: How do Socio Economic Indicators Influence the Rate of Crime in India?
3 lidwina nurtjahyo Recovering the Social Harmony in Society versus Protecting Women’s Rights:
An analysis of customary court practices in Atambua and Ro’e (West Manggarai) from the gender justice perspective
4 Sayaka Takano Imagining the universal through localities: Japanese international legal assistance programs in and beyond Asia
5 Tamara Relis South Asian Perspectives on Normative Orders, Non-state laws and Justice Processes in Human Rights Cases
6 Pampa Mukherjee, Nishant  Resource, Institutions and the State: A Study of Community Managed Irrigation System – the Kuhls of Kangra (Western Himalayas in India)
7 Gopakumar Viswanathan , Amalendu Jyotishi • Understanding Changes and Continuity in Urban Fish Markets – A Plural Theoretical Perspective
8 Masami Mori Tachibana Legal and Political struggle on the Laws of Muslims in the Philippines -Making process of Bangsamoro Basic Laws under the Martial law
9 Sulistyowati Irianto Gender Justice and Global Migration :  Study on Indonesian Women Domestic Migrant Worker in The United Arab Emirates
10 Muktiono Renegotiation of Indonesian Secularity: Socio-legal study on the Indonesian Blasphemy Law
11 Rozi Beni, Sri Mamudji The Future of Leadership Succession of Kraton Yogyakarta After the Constitutional Court Decision Number 88/PUU-XIV/2016
12 Tine Suartina Revisiting Laws in Indonesia : Binding Power and Limitations
13 Christoph Antons*, Yunita T. Winarto**, Adlinanur F. Prihandiani**, Sinta Uli Farmers as researchers: searching for a regulatory framework to enhance creativity in farming
14 Verani Indiarma, M.A * Dionni Ditya Perdana, M.I.Kom** Film Assessment “Mereka Bilang Saya Monyet”:A Deconstruction of the Social Order on Female Sexuality
15 Khaerul Umam Noer State Ibuism redefined: questioning al qiwamah in family law and the rise of conservatism in Indonesia post-Soeharto era
16 Muhammad Bahrul Ulum The Limits of Constitutionalism on the Issuance of Emergency Laws in Indonesia
17 Dian Noeswantari Regulation Implementation on Social Conflict Handling: A Human Rights Based Approach?
18 Gusti Van Paundrasta  Ahok vs. Anies to The Legacy of Crime
19  Pheni Chalid 1 , Astrid Nadya Rizqita Legal Pluralism to Address the Diversity of Indonesia’s Traditional Society Members
21 Paulus Eko Kristianto Inclusive Sosiolegal?:Learn From Sociolegal Control of Homosexuality in South Africa According to Kevan Botha and Edwin Cameron